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Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney was awarded for another year as being a Top 100 Trial Attorney by the National Trial Attorneys.

Probation Appeal And Justice

Can a person appeal a probation case in general sessions court? The answer is yes. Should a person appeal an appeal of an adverse sentence from a probation hearing that resulted in a sentence to serve? The answer is yes. Jonathan Turner was able to get a complete...

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DUI Dismissed Even With .19 Blood

Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney obtained a complete dismissal of a DUI case even though blood results showed a .19 BAC. By reviewing search warrant, Mr. Turner once again found a flaw in the warrant. Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney represents clients diligently in order to...

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Reviewing Police Video Results in No DUI

Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney does not give up when fighting for his client's rights.  Despite client having a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, Jonathan W. Turner's review of the police video revealed major defenses to the dui charge. The result was no jail...

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DUI Defenses Are More Than BAC

It is common for people charged with DUI's to focus on their BAC or Toxicology levels because it is easy to understand. However 95% of DUI defenses have nothing to do with these results. In 2023, Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney has had many cases pled to a non dui charge...

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